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Create to Learn is pleased to offer this free online learning resource in partnership with imagineNATIVE. These video tutorials on digital skills and traditional knowledge using digital tools are all created by First Nations, Métis and Inuit artists and media makers to share their skills.

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Cultural Teachings
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Cultural Teachings

Cultural teachings vary from nation to nation across Turtle Island. Learn about different teachings as these Indigenous makers share their knowledge with you through their art forms.
casey desjarlais

"For me being a warrior entrepreneur, it means integrating my cultural values into my business model."

Casey Desjarlais - Cash in On Your Passion
diana hellson

"Feeling lost and making mistakes is all part of the process. When you're developing a new skill, don't let it discourage you."

duncan mccue

"Our young Indigenous storytellers are working in different mediums and are changing the narrative in this country, and that gives me hope."

Duncan McCue - Skillshare Session #18

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